A group of British experts, consisting of several hundred professors, doctors, and politicians, suggested that the government begin to issue medical hemp for free.

The current cannabis distribution system is ineffective

On November 1, the British authorities legalized medical hemp, however, experts believe that the time has come to amend the law. The current cannabinoid turnover control system does not cope with its task, as many people in need have no access to cannabis-based drugs. As a result of this, patients have to take traditional drugs that cause serious side effects and can lead to addiction. In particular, we are talking about opioid painkillers.

In a letter addressed to Health Secretary Matthew Hancock, experts said: “Pharmacists and doctors did not recognize the legal status of medical cannabis. This harmed the health of patients and complicated the work of social workers. Recognizing the therapeutic potential of cannabis could prevent several deaths from diseases such as epilepsy ”

According to the British Ministry of Health, 25% of the country’s adult population takes powerful anesthetics, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. A number of doctors and researchers have argued that cannabinoids treat depression, pain, and insomnia better than conventional drugs. Therefore, they urge Hancock to simplify the process of issuing prescriptions for medical cannabis and relax the rules governing the import of hemp products.

UK residents cannot afford hemp therapy

The cost of a monthly course of hemp preparations reaches 4,000 pounds. According to the current legislation, citizens have the right to receive medicines free of charge if they have a prescription issued by a representative of the Ministry of Health. However, doctors working in government clinics are reluctant to write prescriptions, so patients have to get them in private facilities.

To solve this problem, activists advise creating an educational program on medical hemp for healthcare workers. After receiving information about the medicinal properties of the plant, doctors will no longer be afraid to prescribe cannabinoids. Nevertheless, employees of the National Institute of Health (NICE) do not agree with the opinion of supporters of the use of cannabis in medicine. They note an insufficient amount of scientific knowledge about the therapeutic potential of the plant. It is worth noting that NICE is taking steps to bridge the gaps in cannabis research. In November, Imperial College London, with the support of the National Institute, will begin conducting independent clinical trials of cannabinoids, in which 20,000 patients will participate.

The British put up a house for sale to pay for the treatment of her daughter

Elaine Levy decided to sell the house to pay for hemp oil, which her daughter Fallon takes for epilepsy. According to Elaine, for 15 months she spent about 30,000 pounds on drugs. Now the family has run out of savings, and they have nothing to buy oil for. Levy notes that medical cannabis has had a beneficial effect on her daughter’s health. After Fallon switched from sedatives to full-spectrum oil, she was able to move independently, and her IQ increased. Elaine calls the cannabis effect phenomenal.

On September 19, nine families billed the Ministry of Health in the amount of 231,000 pounds. They spent this money on the purchase of hemp products and are confident that the government should reimburse the costs. The Ministry of Health has not yet issued a single full-spectrum prescription for hemp oil, citing the fact that the effectiveness of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy has not been proven.

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