On September 26, Canadian hemp company CannaVcell announced the successful completion of a cannabinoid experiment in a bioreactor. The company used proprietary technology developed by BioHarvest.

Cannabinoids synthesize cannabis cells

CannaVcell employees grew hemp cells and trichomes in a small bioreactor, which produced five substances:

  1. cannabidiol acid (CBDC);
  2. tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA);
  3. cannabidiol (CBD);
  4. cannabinol (CBN);
  5. tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ).

The development of CannaVcell allows you to get cannabinoids without the need to grow a plant. The advantage of BioHarvest technology is that it reduces the cost of producing substances and guarantees the high quality of the final product. CannaVcell co-founder Zaki Rakib said his firm managed to revolutionize the cannabis industry. The company’s specialists have tested the effectiveness of the bioreactor and are now going to establish the production of cannabinoids on an industrial scale.

Enterprises will produce two tons of hemp raw material per year

Bio Harvest and CannaVcell intend to complete the first phase of the launch of the commercial production of cannabinoids by the end of 2020. According to experts, the volume of products will be 2 tons per year. By 2021 another plant will be opened.

Employees of the enterprises became the first researchers who managed to grow stable trichomes and hemp cells in suspension. Until that moment, scientists conducted experiments only in solid media, which significantly limited the maximum possible volume of output. The suspension makes it easy to increase the production of cannabinoids and enter the industrial scale.

The co-founder of the hemp company MedReleaf Eitan Popper believes that the CannaVcell technology platform can be used for cheap production of substances contained in cannabis, selection, and synthesis of secondary metabolites (substances that are not involved in the growth, development or reproduction of the body). Bio Harvest technical director Jochi Hagai said the cannabinoids that make cells in the bioreactor are identical to the substances in marijuana. According to him, the quality of raw materials meets the standards for pharmaceutical products and consumer goods.

CannaVcell has received exclusive rights to use BioHarvest technology. The company plans to supply cannabinoids to the medical and recreational markets. The construction of a commercial bio-camera will require additional investments, so the company sells shares on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The value of the security (ticker CNVC) is 0.165 Canadian dollars.

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