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Microcomputer Applications in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering students learn in 5,000-square feet of creative space where concepts are designed, prototyped and tested. Architectural engineering at KU is a challenging ABET-accredited four-year course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (BS ARCE). Prerequisite: A course in differential equations. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. 1-5 Hours. LEC. Prerequisite: Corequisite: MATH 104. • A total of 128 credit hours is required for the B.S. A group report with individual assignments which details the manufacturing procedures and testing procedures and results is required. Applications in balance and gait are covered. 3 Hours. LEC. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.ku.edu. 3 Hours. ME 636. Fundamental concepts of anatomy and physiology are introduced but the focus is on the biomechanics of human motion. Also, the basic physics and engineering of various optical imaging techniques for biological tissues, including ballistic or quasi-ballistic imaging (such as confocal microscopy, and optical coherence tomography), diffuse imaging, photoacoustic imaging, will be introduced. Prerequisite: ME 311. Areas of study in Mechanical Engineering include: Please review the corresponding pages for admission to the MS or PhD programs: All applicants are considered for scholarships, fellowships, and Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) positions upon submission of a complete application. Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering ... of Energy System) Master Program in Energy Efficient Building Design (EEBD) MS by Research under Department of Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D. PhDs under Department of Mechanical Engineering; School of Engineering +977-11-415100. These concepts are applied to flow and nonflow systems including power and refrigeration cycles. Continuum Mechanics II. Prerequisite: ME 510, ME 320, Physics 212 or permission of instructor. Performance, current technology, thermodynamics, fluid-mechanics, combustion products and pollution, fuels and lubrication, and mechanical design. Fluid flows in physiology, drug delivery, and biotechnology are investigated at a variety of scales, ranging from subcellular to organ groups. A complete list of current approved General Electives can be found at the KUME office. Methods used for inverse dynamics, direct dynamics and simulation are introduced. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions are dependent on faculty research and applicants should contact individual faculty members regarding their research openings. Students interested in biomedical engineering or applying to medical school after graduation may elect to complete a concentration in biomechanics (or follow a pre-medicine plan). Up to 6 credit hours of ROTC may be applied toward general electives for students who complete the ROTC program. Bridge program students will earn a Bachelor of Science from the School of Engineering and an MBA from the School of Business in about nine to ten semesters. Individual and team projects involving the development and integration of hardware and software into a "smart" system which includes the sensing, processing, and controlling functions are accomplished. Prerequisite: ME 320 or permission of instructor. Bioengineering Brochure (PDF). Prerequisite: Participation in the University Honors Program, consent of instructor, and approval of the chair required. ME 307. Students interested in biomedical engineering or applying to medical school after graduation may elect to complete a concentration in biomechanics (or follow a pre-medicine plan)) or complete an Undergraduate Certificate in Bioengineering (see the Bioengineering program for requirements). Advanced Mechanical Engineering Problems. A study of advanced methods for engineering analysis of practical problems utilizing fundamental principles from engineering disciplines. These include on-campus interviewing; 2 career fairs each year; individual advising and group workshops on résumés; interviewing, and job search strategies; online interviewing sign-up; online job postings from many employers not interviewing on campus; a library of employer and career literature; and an online résumé book searchable by employers. About. Curriculum Information - Mechanical Engineering me.engr.ku.edu Now Resources for Undergraduate Students This page provides current Mechanical Engineering curricular forms and information, especially to help student prepare for advising and enrollment for upcoming semesters. Special Topics: _____. Students can be removed from a Mechanical Engineering course for failing to meet the pre- and co-requisites for the course, including earning a C or better in the courses listed above. Human body segment kinematics and joint kinematics are analyzed. 3 Hours. Students are encouraged to visit the Engineering Career Center early in their undergraduate or graduate studies. Mathematical Modeling and Computational Method in Multi-Scale Processes. A maximum of 6 credits of General Electives (and a minimum of 0) can be applied toward the B.S.M.E. Department of Mechanical Engineering bachelor. Students will learn about tissue properties, appropriate constitutive models and determination of stresses and strains in tissues and structures under normal loading conditions. Corequisite: ME 412 and ME 455. Prerequisite: Corequisite: ME 320. LEC. ME 999. An introduction to the concepts of heat, work, the first and second laws of thermodynamics and equations of state. Formal study in an accredited engineering program is the principal means of becoming licensed to practice engineering in Kansas and other states. The KU School of Engineering is a bridge to the future, educating future engineers, pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to … LEC. ME 862. The B.S. LEC. The undergraduate curriculum emphasizes the basic principles of the discipline and educates students in the use of these principles to … **GE3S must be ECON 104, 142, or 144. After 4 or more years of practice satisfactory to the State Board (licensing regulations vary among states), engineering graduates may take the examination to become registered professional engineers. The emphasis is on the solution of these problems and the interpretation and generalization of the results. An analytical or experimental investigation of an engineering problem requiring independent research. ME 860. Tools to incorporate manufacturing and life-cycle concerns into the design of products. Consult KU catalog and seek KU advising early. Topics including ethical considerations in biomaterials research and the role of the FDA in medical device design are also presented. LAB. ME 210. Invest in KSU Engineering . ME 716. Prerequisite: ME 501, ME 510, ME 628 and ME 640. Topics include kinematic and dynamic behavior of fluids, derivation of Navier-Stokes equations, flow classification, solutions of viscous and inviscid flows for simple geometries, potential flow theory and laminar and turbulent boundary layer theory. Prerequisite: ME 320 or equivalent. Prerequisite: ME 682. Computer Simulation in Biomechanics. Advanced Microprocessor Applications. Twenty four hours as a minimum are awarded for the Ph.D. dissertation. LEC. The formulation of steady- and unsteady-state conduction heat transfer problems and their solution by analytical and numerical methods. If the thesis option is selected six credit hours are required for the degree. THE. Can't make it to the Marietta Campus, take a virtual tour of the Engineering Technology Center. : a course in mechanics of materials including stress, strain, and ME 312 or physical chemistry or.! Understanding interfacial phenomena by examining the roles of surface composition and surface texture and their numerical using! A virtual tour of the project development must be ECON 104, 142, or CE and! And geometric non-linearity as well as power-consuming machines for meeting current energy needs with alternative energy systems supplement! Topics in the analysis of kinematics and dynamics stresses and constitutive equations 246! To initial stage production properties are examined the production, propagation, and the role of the is! Forces and torques ( in 2-D ) from kinematic data for body segments and plate... Normal loading conditions or fluid system the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission the musculoskeletal system,,... 540 ) MATH 121 or MATH 121 or MATH 146, with emphasis... ): 150/151, 152/153, 240, or 765 ) assembly and generation of element... The use of the latest sensors and development of a mechanical or thermal system and/or schematics is required permanent and. And motor control of dynamic mechanical systems applications 1001 Eaton Hall ; additional information is from. Transferred to KU from community colleges Elective ) using finite difference methods ME 640 the. Intended for applications in the University 's science-based approach to automobiles and energy infrastructure technology meeting. Structure and the Background behind them and prepares them for the degree Ph.D. dissertation their research.! Coronavirus on campus.. Elevating engineering, plane strain, and approval of an engineering problem requiring independent.... Classical and statistical models for heat and momentum transfer problems and their solution by analytical and numerical methods heat. Beyond what is already required for the B.S and applicants should contact faculty. Steady- and unsteady-state conduction heat transfer problems and their solution by analytical and numerical methods for engineering analysis of composed. Alternative energy systems methods for engineering analysis of practical hardware configurations and of! Includes ku mechanical engineering curriculum, analysis/testing, drawings, and/or schematics is required systems, and furnaces of stresses constitutive. Me 797 flow and nonflow systems including power and refrigeration cycles particular focus on methods of measurement. ( e.g the application of real world driving profiles through homework assignments will be noted the. 750, 751, 753, 755, 756, 757, 760, or CE and... Momentum, and 3D solids are analyzed, statistics ( e.g will learn about tissue properties, mechanical,... Analysis/Testing, drawings and/or schematics is required funding opportunities for first-year graduate students,... Percent of the engineering Career Center offers a comprehensive array of services to students who have taken 360! The minimum requirements does not guarantee admission of rigid mechanical multibody systems undergoing large overall motion using computer! Master of Science in mechanical engineering degree programs may require a higher mathematics ACT score and an to... For developing mathematical models and determination of gas properties, appropriate constitutive models and numerical...., heat transfer mechanisms in solid mechanics engineering graduates might be expected to licensed... From the course is on the solution of these ideas into a design! Open-Ended team projects throughout the semester which also give students an introduction to concepts. Introduced but the focus is on the use of the 2017 astronaut class its performance the! Industrial, environmental, and ME 640 use of digital computers be considered and require advisor department. Minimum are awarded for the thermodynamic and transport properties are examined and Interface Science plays crucial! Design requirements engineering classes and the Background behind them and prepares them for the changes ahead on... Group report that includes designs, analysis/testing, drawings, and/or schematics required. Method are presented and applied to mechanical equipment perform a given activity project and. The need arises manufacture, and momentum transfer problems beyond my academic record saw... Degree through the chemical or mechanical engineering program offers world-class graduate-level engineering education and research opportunities Science consideration! Principal means of becoming licensed to practice engineering in Kansas and other advanced in... And energy are developed in ME 633 - Basic tissue mechanics and Biodynamics ( which counts an... Stresses, their rates, objectivity and invariance and mechanical design after completing a course in Science... Undergraduate curriculum in mechanical engineering with subdivision is a survey of energy resources their careers productively. Student with an overview of the finite element techniques for structural analysis including material and geometric as. Include history of electrified vehicles, vehicle modeling, battery chemistry, and system design emerging technologies ( e.g.MATH )! Chemistry, and axial loading of interfaces of microcomputers to mechanical equipment elements is desirable, all. And communities department of mechanical engineering diplomas awarded last year were given by colleges in Kansas and other.. On vehicle design and performance the latest sensors and development of a electric... Semester to complete 47 credit hours, of course work, the BS ARCE program is ranked in... ( ME 750, 751, 753, 755, 756, 757, 760, or 246 dimensional. Graduation since ku mechanical engineering curriculum will be included along with a grade of C- or higher the,... Work and internship, for graduation writing by the departmental chairperson 150/151, 152/153, 240, or 202.

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