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We thank the Musqueam Nation for its hospitality and support of our work. All full-time students receive a reasonably priced TransLink U-Pass that provides unlimited travel on bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus. Learn more about the UC Public Safety campaign that aims to keep Bearcats safe. Point Grey ","err7":"Could not create a RSVP please try later. Try picturing yourself after a long, exhausting day. Most apartment buildings have shared laundry rooms with coin-operated machines. Set up utilities – Is it walking distance to regular transit? There are plenty of restaurants and stores in the neighbourhood as well as a major grocery store. This could be on campus in one of the options listed below, or at an off-campus hotel or vacation home. If you have transportation needs, many local apartments and housing complexes have been matched with UMBC Transit’s shuttle lines for your convenience. Dunbar is quiet and more spread out than Kitsilano, which means housing is sometimes further from a major bus route. Lots of noise from above, especially if children live upstairs. TV, Internet, home phone, mobile phone options. We acknowledge that SHCS and UBC are located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. Will you need to take more than one bus? We have a bulletin board by our GreenText Student Union Bookstore where we post off-campus rental ads that would be of interest to UBC students and/or faculty. Me and my friend are moving to vancouver on august 25. Is it walking distance to regular transit? ","err5":"Could not find RSVP, please try again. Gage Apartments, Fairview Crescent, Thunderbird, and Marine Drive Residences) that are suitable for students with mobility disabilities. During warmer months, Kitsilano Beach and Jerico Beach are popular with residents and tourists. Make sure both you and your landlord have a copy of all the agreements you have signed. Returning Students. Finding a place off-campus is often times a lot cheaper than UBC housing, especially if you can get a solid group of friends together. Check out CampusLINK here. Map out what your commute to school would look like to see if you’d be happy making that commute every day. There are about 27 apartment buildings available within a 30 minute walk of University of British Columbia. Axis offers a mix of efficiently planned studios and one bedroom suites ranging from 410 to 550 square feet. Point Grey is near Vancouver’s iconic Spanish Banks Beach. Ask the landlord if the carpet will be cleaned before you move in. It also offers free phone consultations if you need one-on-one advice. How to find off-campus housing Check out UBC Student Housing, or drop into the AMS Next and International House to check notice boards to find other students looking for roommates. Castanet 2. Prove that you paid. College and Universities in British Columbia. Before signing a lease, inspect the unit (or have someone you trust inspect it for you). ","succ":"Thank you for submitting your rsvp","succ_n":"Sorry to hear you are not going to make it to our event. Off-Campus Living FAQs . share. Noise and neighbourhood dynamic: No one deserves to have an uncomfortable living situation. Off-campus housing Find or list your off-campus rental property through UBC 2 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Den; 5 minute to busloop, Main Campus, U-Hill Ad Number : #33991 - Posted : October 9, 2020 Status: Available - Oct 24, 2020 Ad UBC Off campus housing. There are many affordable cities surrounding Vancouver, including Burnaby, Richmond and New Westminster. Are you looking to get involved on campus? Buses to Dunar do not usually run late at night. 3. UBC does not endorse these sites or their rental listings.). Most apartments are unfurnished, so you’ll need a bed, desk, sofa, kitchen table, and chairs. Are you okay with noise from other students, young families with children, or busy traffic? Priority for assignment is given to students with substantiated disabilities that might prevent them from commuting to UBC from an off-campus residence. Consider All of Your Costs Below browse some of the latest roommate listings for those near and attending the UBC, with rents $1000 per month and under. (These sites/groups are provided as a resource to students. Check inside the fridge and turn on the stove. Do you mind biking or walking to campus or other places around Vancouver during inclement weather? There are many grocery stores in the area, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. OCSS provides a housing listing service and roommate finder at no charge for the UMBC campus community. Parents & Guardians UVic partners with to provide off-campus listings for renters and landlords. Make sure you're eligible to work off-campus. Our staff will be working remotely and the physical office will be closed until further notice. Step 1. A few options while you search for a place. There are many single family homes, restaurants, and grocery stores. The cost of the pass is included in university fees. Student housing in British Columbia. Please visit our Accommodation / Housing page for information about these offers. Pay by cheque or money order, or get a receipt if you pay in cash. For example, it is generally more expensive to rent in a condominium building than an apartment building, and locations close to UBC are typically more expensive than elsewhere in Greater Vancouver. We could not provide this service without the help of local landlords that provide a … The map shows apartments for rent, rentals, and off campus housing near University of British Columbia in Vancouver. University Village It is perfectly normal to struggle with living the first time away from home. Vancouver is a great city, so make the most of it! University Village is on-campus and consists of primarily one and two-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Is it worth more expensive rent to live within minutes of all the amenities? Groups of roommates often find Dunbar is a good option. Living far away from the bus stop can add many minutes to your commute. Before you begin your search, make sure you know what kind of place you’d like to rent and how to avoid scams. Reduced-rent rentals. If that’s not you, that’s perfectly fine. Furnished apartments often make sense for students looking for short-term housing. Leasing a full house or separate unit within a house is different than renting a room, Utilities (e.g., heat, water, electricity), Vehicle transportation, such as parking, car insurance and gas. Buses close to campus are usually very full and sometimes too full to stop for more passengers. This is all part of growing up.”. Discover life on campus at UBC Okanagan. Food sources: Something you will need to think about almost every day. Try the following places for good deals: 4. You may work off-campus starting the first day of the term you begin studies at UBC if: you have a valid study permit; you are a full-time international student in a degree, diploma or certificate program, or a full-time exchange student at UBC. Is cheaper rent worth a longer commute? Living far away from the bus stop can add many minutes to your commute. 5. Explore the UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services website “Kits” is one Vancouver’s most trendy neighbourhoods. Please visit “Welcome to the Okanagan” for more information. Neighbourhoods include Yaletown, Gastown, and The West End. Off-Campus Housing 101 - is America's premier website for landlords and students to post and find safe and affordable off-campus housing at your local college or university - Helping students find a home away from home Additionally, graduate students can apply for UBC Housing or search for accommodation off campus. Check out this video on the UC Off-Campus Housing Website. Demand to live in residence at UBC greatly exceeds the number of vacancies. Apply for student housing, check the status of your application, make a payment to your residence account, complete your online room inventory and condition report, report a maintenance request. UBC Housing has several residences (e.g. This means that inside a certain radius, you’ll likely be watching several buses pass you by. Avoid renting suites that have these problems. Laundry: How will you wash your clothes and how often? Water damage (yellow stains on the walls and ceiling), mouse droppings, and cockroaches are very bad signs. Review information on renting in Canada, leases, tenants’ rights, and dealing with landlords. Many UBC students who have families in these areas commute to UBC to save money. Make sure that you’re getting all you were promised. Furnishings You will make mistakes. Point Grey is one of Vancouver’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Rents vary greatly depending on apartment location, age and condition. Housing programs and taxable benefits Information on where taxable benefits apply to … Click through to view the full listing - and to reply to the roommate wanted ad. You & Residence. Happipad 3. Basement suites and houses may or may not have a washer/dryer. Given the close location, rent is relatively more expensive than off-campus.Wesbrook VillageWesbrook Village is biking or walking distance from the centre of campus and serviced by many bus routes. Hey, I am Aneesh. The commute by bus can average 45-60 minutes and are very busy morning, afternoon, and night. Get tenant insurance For new or potential faculty at our Okanagan Campus, UBC Housing and Relocation Services has information on the neighbourhoods in Kelowna as well as links to a variety of resources in the area. Bus transferring adds time to your commute and can be frustrating if you miss a connection. Also consider the proximity to things like grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and other places that will incentivize you to get out of the house when you find yourself with free time. If you have time to walk around local neighbourhoods, there are often vacancy signs posted on rental properties and houses close to campus. Kitsilano is highly desirable, which means finding housing can be difficult and rent is high. If you make any changes to the documents, both you and your landlord should initial next to each change. UBC does not endorse these sites or their rental listings.) Find Off-Campus housing and roommates near BC. These are dedicated to the graduate community, including graduate students, Postdocs and visiting scholars. Do you think your new neighbours will be okay with noise coming from your place? Sublets: If you need to, discuss it with your landlord. CampusLINK. Please let me know if you can share a place or know a place that is up for rent. Ideally located in the Chancellor Place neighbourhood on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus, Axis is where higher learning meets inspired living. UBC's Housing Action Plan aims to ensure that 30% of housing on the UBC campus is rental. UBC currently administers two pilot programs for faculty and staff, offering rental housing to employees at a rate based on their income. East Vancouver Off Campus Housing I recently got accepted to the graduate Journalism program at UBC, but I've never been to Vancouver so I'm completely unfamiliar with the area. If the landlord says something will be repaired or cleaned before you move in, write this down in the agreement. Accommodation Types ... Latest Apartment and Housing Listings. Only listings within 18km of the UBC campus are displayed on this map. Although we believe that on-campus housing offers the best experience at the greatest value, we know that there are reasons you may choose to live off-campus. Planning to Live Off Campus. Vancouver suburbs Finding housing in Vancouver can be tough, and it is more expensive than other places in BC or Canada. If so, ask the landlord to paint before you move in. The UBC Vancouver campus is located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Living alone means that you don’t have to share your space or plan your day around anyone else’s routines, but it also means that you probably will have to pay more. Inspection There are definitely pros and cons to having roommates or not. How to apply after your first year. Rental averages from CMHC Urban Rental Market Survey Data, October 2019. Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations remains open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., via email at [email protected] or by phone at 803-777-3366. Rental listings in British Columbia. Do the shower and taps work? Is there a yard and who is responsible for upkeep? Get your property in front of 1000's of potential renters. Taking transit to campus can be frustrating. The Faculty is home to two internationally recognized residential graduate colleges. Mind What Matters. Also consider the proximity to things like grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and other places that will incentivize you to get out of the house when you find yourself with free time. Basement suite—also known as garden suite/ground-level suite. Arbutus Ridge and Kerrisdale Buses run early in the morning and late at night to UBC and other neighbourhoods, including downtown Vancouver. An average trip to UBC is about 20 minutes. Students know that it is the place on campus to look for rental suites. Off-campus housing listings in the Student Union offices (lower level of the University Centre) Online: (These sites/groups are provided as a resource to students. You may choose to insure your belongings with any private insurance company or BCAA. For more information, visit the UBC Housing and Relocation Services website. Vancouver’s Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre offers an excellent online resource that can help to answer any questions you may have about renting. When looking for a place to live, think about what is most important to you. we found your RSVP! Get details of your rental agreement in writing. At UBC Okanagan: 1. There are many housing types available including basement suites, apartments, laneway houses and whole houses for groups of roommates. Are You Moving Off Campus for the Summer, or for the Next Academic Year? We advise that you insure your belongings against theft, fire, and other damage. Given the close location, rent is relatively more expensive than off-campus. UBC is served by 13 bus routes with connections to destinations throughout Metro Vancouver. Welcome to the University of British Columbia area Off-Campus Housing. Let Off-Campus Student Services support you in your off-campus transitions. "}}, Totem Park, Place Vanier & Orchard Commons, CMHC Urban Rental Market Survey Data, October 2019, know what kind of place you’d like to rent. UBC Roommate Listings. Most apartments here are small and tend to be relatively more expensive because they are quite new and close to campus. 14 comments. Transit: Most UBC students who live off-campus take transit every day. British Columbia off campus housing. There’s a large grocery store, retailers, restaurants and other shops within the village itself. It is all right to grieve the loss of your former home life. Take photos to document any existing damage or repairs needed before you move in. But if you don’t, the atmosphere can become a lot less fun. Is the carpet clean? East Vancouver is a popular choice for students because of its unique, affordable neighborhoods: Chinatown, Main Street, Commercial Drive and Mount Pleasant. Bus service starts early and ends late. “If this is your first time living away from home, don’t feel ashamed if you get homesick. ","succ_m":"Thank you for updating your rsvp","succ_c":"Great! Welcome to UBC Student Housing Choose your Campus. Are you allowed to hang things on the walls? Sign up for Food Services campus plans, make a payment, check your plan balance, add dollars to your plan. UBC's Student Housing & Hospitality Services may also be helpful. An average trip to UBC by bus is 30-45 minutes. Buses are often full. UBC Student Housing residents moving into or returning to shared units (any space that shares a washroom and/or kitchen with another student) who must self-isolate due to travel, tracing or illness must self-isolate for 14 days in a different, private space before moving into or returning to their … The University of British Columbia. Here are some helpful ideas to consider when you are choosing a place to live: Transit: Most UBC students who live off-campus take transit every day. This is the core of Vancouver—home to vibrant beaches, trails in Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park, restaurants, nightlife and diverse lifestyles. West End and Downtown Vancouver Discussion. Be sure to alert your landlord to these issues if they come up after you move in. You don’t need to settle for less when finding a home. This means that inside a certain radius, you’ll likely be watching several buses pass you by. Do you need a truck rental? Dunbar Southlands save. From what I've been hearing, on-campus housing is nearly impossible to get into, so if anyone has advice about any neighborhoods to check out off-campus, let me know! Before renting, make sure you are fully aware of your rights and what you are entitled to as a tenant. The most important thing is to find a place that matches your needs, whether that be a large bathroom or extra storage space. Transit is less frequent here because it is a family-oriented area of Vancouver where most people drive vehicles. Many stores, restaurants and park spaces are within two minutes. For most students, proximity to bus lines or train stations is an important factor to consider. UBC has 840 rental housing units on-campus in Vancouver for full-time faculty and staff at reduced rents. ","err6":"Invalid Validation code. Point Grey is the closest neighborhood to UBC—about 5-10 minutes by bus. Wesbrook Village is biking or walking distance from the centre of campus and serviced by many bus routes. There’s a large grocery store, retailers, restaurants and other shops within the village itself. Do you have easy access to a car or transit to get to the grocery store? Prospective Students. Most tenants need to contact BC Hydro to set up electricity and a communications company for TV, phone, and Internet service. 1. There are several grocery stores and a trendy commercial area with retail shops and restaurants. Kelowna Daily Courier(newspaper classified ad… Typically, the further you get from campus, the cheaper the rent, but be prepared for the commute time. We have to look up your RSVP in order to change it, {"codes":{"err":"Required fields missing","err2":"Invalid email address","err3":"Please select RSVP option","err4":"Could not update RSVP, please contact us. Off-Campus Housing Website. University VillageUniversity Village is on-campus and consists of primarily one and two-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Beware that the closer buses get to campus, the fuller they’ll be. Before you begin your search for off-campus housing, it is a good idea to become familiar with the rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords. How loud is traffic noise when the windows are open? Kitsilano Before you begin your search, make sure you know what kind of place you’d like to rent and how to avoid scams. Will you have to pay extra for heat, electricity, cable, laundry facilities, storage, or parking? Some people can live without a desk in their bedroom, natural light or easily accessible laundry. We encourage you to take some time and use the following resources to ensure you have a good experience: A resource for … By car or transit, the trip can take an hour or longer. UVRENTSLINE.COM (fomerly has been the first choice for UBC students, faculty and professionals since 1995. Living with roommates can provide lots of good opportunities for socialization and can make your place feel more home-y if you all get along. Many … Do the walls require new paint? How frequent and busy are the buses? Thank you. 1. How will you get new furniture into the place? Get Started. Neighbourhood cultures, living costs and transit routes are important factors when looking for housing. Kerrisdale is a slightly longer commute by transit to UBC than Arbutus Ridge. Wesbrook Village Prioritize your needs within your space! Keep in mind, these are only general guidelines for cost. Since, we were not able to get any housing in UBC, we are thinking of renting a place out of ubc campus. Off-campus resources Many factors are at play when looking for housing including the distance to campus, transit options, rental costs, and neighbourhood dynamics. Do the appliances work? “East Van” is usually less expensive than neighbourhoods closer to UBC. View program details and online applications. We've also partnered with RentSmart to provide pro-active solutions to students looking for off-campus housing. The UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services website is an excellent resource to help you in your search. Rent for an entire home here tends to be more affordable for students. Start Your Search Today! Many stores, restaurants and park spaces are within two minutes. ","err8":"You can only RSVP once for this event. This site is for UBC students, faculty, and staff to find quality, safe local housing within a commutable distance to campus. Apartments—low-rise (2-4 stories) and high-rise (many stories), Vancouver has many older apartment buildings with insect conditions and mould. View Rentals. There are many ways to search for an apartment in Kelowna—from websites to notice boards. These neighbourhoods are served by several bus routes and are closer to downtown Vancouver than Dunbar. Log in as a student, guest or property manager to get started. Downtown rent is expensive and living spaces can be small. When considering off-campus housing, the steps below can help you make the right decisions. Weather: Vancouver is warm in the summer but tends to be rainy, cloudy and cold in the winter/fall/spring. Turn each one on. Beware that the closer buses get to campus, the fuller they’ll be.

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