The Cabinet of Ministers of the Indian state of Manipur held a meeting on the legalization of hemp in the region. Officials approved the initiative but delayed the final decision until the next meeting.

Government plans to lift the ban on medical and technical cannabis only

Manipur ministers discussed the idea of ​​lifting the ban on the use of hemp in medicine and industry. They analyzed the experience of other Indian states that legalized the plant and weighed the pros and cons. Members of the Cabinet turned to citizens with a request to express their attitude to the reform of the law. The officials want to develop a regulatory framework taking into account the wishes of the residents of the region and will consider the draft at the next meeting.

According to Chief Minister Biren Singh, the legalization of hemp will contribute to the economic development of the state. In an interview, he stated the following: “Wild cannabis grows abundantly in Manipur. Oil with medicinal potential can be produced from plant materials.”

Manipuri hemp is appreciated in India, as it is of high quality, so Singh’s statement about the high potential of the plant is justified. Biren noted that the government will issue licenses for the cultivation of cannabis to limit the number of farmers. According to the minister, only the best startups will be allowed into the industry.

Cannabis is banned unfairly

The activist organization India Movement for Legalization (GLMI) claims the authorities have unjustly added hemp to the list of banned plants. Social activists substantiate their position with four main points:

  1. by law, a product can only be banned if it is deadly or poisonous (therefore tobacco is permitted);
  2. legal bhang, like cannabis, contains cannabinoids, so the ban is selective and meaningless;
  3. patients should have the right to consume, grow and acquire any plants with medicinal properties;
  4. the open sale of change has reduced the number of drug addicts among the Indians.

GLMI holds conferences, festivals, and meetings under the slogan: “Let’s educate society, cultivate the land, harvest, heal people and recreate the world.” Members of the organization draw the attention of the government to the fact that in the entire history of mankind, not a single death has been recorded due to an overdose of cannabinoids. In this regard, cannabis is much safer than alcohol, which, according to the WHO for 2018, causes every 20th death in the world. Artificial intelligence Speech By Crowd from IBM agrees with the position of activists and considers the ban on any drugs absurd due to the legal status of nicotine and alcohol.

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