Researchers at the Canadian University of Western Ontario have been able to find out how cannabidiol eliminates the negative effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. According to scientists, CBD is able to neutralize a number of side effects of THC.

CBD inhibits the effects of THC

University staff conducted tests on mice, during which it was found that THC :

  • increases the frequency of pulses and the speed of signal transmission in dopamine neurons located in the central region of the tire (part of the midbrain);
  • reduces the frequency of gamma-aminobutyric acid (nootropic drug);
  • enhances gamma and epsilon vibrations in the ventral region of the tire.

Because of this, negative consequences arise in the form of paranoia, anxiety, and dependence. CBD suppresses the pERK1-2 signaling pathway, which leads to the neutralization of affective disorders caused by the use of THC. Thus, CBD blocks the psychotic and psychotropic side effects of THC.

As a result of the experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion that cannabis strains with a high concentration of THC and a low content of CBD carry an increased risk to human mental health. The reception of THC causes cognitive and affective abnormalities in the hippocampus, and CBD fights these changes at the molecular level.

Cannabidiol Helps Treat Cannabis Addiction

Research Project Manager Roger Hudson argues that CBD completely eliminates signs of rodent anxiety and addictive behavior. Therefore, the cannabinoid can be used to treat cannabis dependence. In the future, a group of scientists plans to synthesize THC, which has less pronounced side effects and also develop methods to increase the efficiency of using CBD as a means to neutralize the consequences of using THC.

Professor Stephen Laviolett advises marijuana smokers to switch to hemp varieties with a higher CBD content at the first sign of side effects (paranoia, anxiety). According to him, people who have a negative reaction to cannabis should limit their intake of THC.

CBD Security

Side effects of CBD include:

  • dry mouth
  • low pressure;
  • drowsiness;
  • dizziness;
  • liver damage (rare).

According to the American company WebMD, the degree of safety of cannabidiol for humans depends on the dosage and duration of use. For example, it is considered safe to take daily up to 300 mg of CBD for six months. If the dose is 1200-1500 mg, then the safe period is reduced to four weeks.

To calculate the optimal dose of CBD, you can take as a basis the instructions for use of the Epidiolex preparation, which indicates that the average dosage is 10 mg/kg. Given that the concentration of cannabinoid in the spray reaches 1:10, then CBD should be taken at the rate of 1 mg/kg.

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