how to block up a gas fireplace

See more ideas about fireplace, unused fireplace, fireplace … That may need sealing up also. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Mississippi College. Sealing up an unused brick fireplace chimney will save money on your heating bills and increase your comfort level at home.In addition to letting in … Sitemap Fireplace Odors. In my home, I had several closed fireplaces to deal with. Mix your cement according to the package's directions. 9 of 16. A modern gas fireplace emits no smoke and vents its waste gases to the outside through a tube in the wall rather than up a chimney. Do I just block it up with bricks/mortar or is an air brick required? Wrap the threads of your brass cap in 3-4 layers of the Teflon tape. For this you can use bricks, lightweight building blocks or more lightweight materials such as hardboard, chipboard or asbestos. )This is a quick walk through of how to run a gas line to your gas fireplace. Is it safe to block a chimney? While the idea of a fireplace is romantic, it might be a nuisance in practice. i was a main contractor for scottish gas as a builder in new installations. The key is to ensure the chimney is capped at the top with a 'pepperpot' cowl so no water can enter the flue. WHITEWASH. Remember to leave the surface of the air brick exposed. Press the ventilator plate into the hole and screw it in tightly. Drafty Fireplace. This is a detached house built in the early 80's. Screw the plasterboard to the wooden frame, placing the screws 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) apart. It is relatively simple to insulate a chimney to reduce heat loss now, but not eliminate the possibility of using it again in the future. Often, when two-sided fireplaces are installed there is no cap placed on to the chimney. Oct 8, 2013 - Explore TimesUnion Magazines's board "Can't use your fireplace? In some circumstances, a cap is not necessary. Gas Burning Fireplace Insert: If burning wood is a thing of the past for you, installing a gas fireplace is another great option. Press it down so the cement oozes out just a bit under the brick. Cover the bricks with plaster to match the walls in the room, if you wish. Teflon tape is usually yellow, as opposed to basic plumber’s tape, which is white. It had an open flame gas fire in it previously (with a nasty brick fireplace!). DIY white wood and tile fireplace surround and mantel. That kills me. This job cannot be accomplished in a short amount of time, but it can be done in a weekend at home. Another benefit of a fireplace insert is the fact you are able to load the wood stove before you go to bed and you will wake up to hot coals in the morning. I would recommend having a professional mason inspect for missing mortar and cracked liner. Absolutely. London • Member since 26 Sep 2015 • Measure using square metres if you plan on using bricks to fill the hole. It incorporates air-movement channels that maximize the warmth supplied to the house. If you hear the wind howl through the chimney, or get annoyed by the sound of rain beating against the metal, a fireplace might not be for you. Blowers are often installed in fireplace inserts to increase the efficiency of the fireplace in heating the entire room, instead of just the area right in front of the fireplace. 3. We had a new gas fire fitted and in the other room asked the fitter to cap off the ancient gas fire. After the advent of central heating in the late 1950s, many people blocked up their original fireplaces to make way for modern gas or electric fires, but fireplaces are now regaining their status as a desirable focal point. (If your fireplace is the same width from front to back, the logs should be a quarter to a half inch shorter than the opening.) Either vented or non vetoed gas longs. There is a flue which goes up inside the cavity wall - in the loft it appears to be aluminium tubing, then to a chimney on the roof. Assortment of gas fireplace wiring diagram. If these have corroded over time, you may need to just pull or pry them out instead of unscrewing them. Add a second layer on top of the first. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Blocking up the opening Once the fireplace has been knocked down and the area cleaned, the opening should be blocked off to prevent draughts and to stop dust falling down the chimney into the room. When surveying the interior of the fireplace, I noticed the installation bracket for the glass doors on the front of the fireplace stuck out inside the fireplace. I lose a lot of heat the way it is set now Flue is set to wide open. Rigid Foam Insulation. A wiring diagram is a simplified traditional pictorial representation of an electric circuit. We now just have an open fireplace which we have tiled and plan to just keep a few big candles etc in. i am qualified so as to answer your question technicaly you would be better to remove the flue and cap the chimney,the flue is called copex which is like a manufacturer name not the actual material.yes it is normal practice to vent the chimney top and bottom .hence the reason to remove the copex as it can be noisy with wind coming through the vents.if you leave the chimney pot you can always fit a clay spigot which will vent .spigots are normally used in functional chimneys to stop the smoke blowing back for the blocking of the fire place opening it is ok to use timber and plasterboard .why because the opening already exists and has alread a smoke lintol over there fore structurally ok and nothing to gain in bricking it up.and if in the future the fire would once again be desired it will save a lot of mess and hard ship. DIY Doctor: Opening and closing a fireplace. Just to note, if you're planning on boarding up … I couldn’t decide whether to block off the chimney or just leave it open. Jersey Ice Cream Co. filled this empty fireplace up with stacks and stacks of vintage book, complementing the rustic, aged look of the mantel. Make sure that one of those bricks is an air brick to allow for ventilation in your chimney. Place the balloon in the chimney flue. Registered in England No. The chimney is in pretty bad shape so I had some ventless logs installed. 35 If the fireplace has not been cleaned in more than a year, or if it has been in constant use during the winter, thick layers of soot can accumulate in the chimney. It had an open flame gas fire in it previously (with a nasty brick fireplace!). Wipe away the excess and repeat with another brick. Hello, We then removed the fire and made good ourselves. Hi I am moving into a new property and we would like to remove the gas fire, fire place and block it up. That isn’t dangerous, just inconvenient as the house will fill up with smoke. More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work. All you really need is paint, water, brushes and rags. I have a "real" fireplace and "real" chimney circa 1912. I see plenty of these on house renovation programmes where they've inserted an airbrick where the fireplace used to be, but if we can avoid it, I'd really like to do so as I don't like the way these look. The plasterboard will need to be cut correctly so that it fits tightly into the space. Fireplace blowers push heated air from the fireplace out into the room. However, if you notice that there is a lot of steam in the fireplace, water streaks along bottom of the chimney, or along the side walls, you will need to attach a chimney cap to keep out rain or other moisture. Clean the Fireplace. If you have a remote start, plug the receiver into the remote box. One of the easiest and fastest ways to lighten up your fireplace is to whitewash it. You’ll also need a heavy, solid-bottom wooden crate. String Lights feedback, hi peter I want to divert that heat out into the room but I'm not sure if … Lay a row of bricks across the bottom of the opening without mortar leaving a gap of about 1cm between each brick and check to see if you will need to cut bricks to completely fill the opening. We will be removing an old gas fire (disconnected) in a 1960s house and want to block up and plaster over the fireplace to have a completely flat wall. Get Creative With These Ideas ", followed by 519 people on Pinterest. Check for a cleanout door at the bottom of the fireplace leading to the outside. It is relatively simple to insulate a chimney to reduce heat loss now, but not eliminate the possibility of using it again in the future. In locations where natural gas is unavailable, liquid propane gas, usually shortened to LP gas or just propane, can be used. Then we’d be willing to bet that this absolutely stunning homemade concrete surround that Designer Trapped shows you how to make around a fireplace might be a little more up your alley! It should be even with the bricks or wall just next to it. A fireplace blower is an efficient way to take advantage to heating from a fireplace. Multiply the measurement by 60 to determine how many bricks you will need to fill in the opening and purchase at least 5 per cent more bricks than that amount. My mum has Chimney debris issues. Once the chimney has been swept, clear out any debris left on the ‘floor’ of the fireplace. Has anyone had... Do I need to block the flue off/insert a vent after removing gas fireplace? This is the wood, metal or tile around the opening of the fireplace. Here are the creative solutions I came up with. A gas fitter will do this for about £50, then you can do the rest as a diy job. I have a wood burning fireplace insert, that is not currently being used. Apply a thin layer of cement to the bottom of the brick with a trowel. You can fill in the fireplace with thermalite blocks and bricks and then plaster over. Rules: Must be wife approved (so not too … Gas fireplaces are easily installed in traditional fireplaces and only require two 3” diameter chimney liners. Mike Garten. Take the balloon by the handle and hold it up to the opening of your chimney above the main firebox. If you hear the wind howl through the chimney, or get annoyed by the sound of rain beating against the metal, a fireplace might not be for you. Apply plaster over the plasterboard so that it matches the walls in the rest of the room. We then removed the fire and made good ourselves. Just to note, if you're planning on boarding up … Cut plasterboard to fit the fireplace opening exactly. 3. Information on how to open up and close off a fireplace. GAS FIREPLACE EASY INSTALL (How to run your gas line! Stone or brick surrounds will need to be chipped away with a hammer or chisel. How can I cover/insulate the fireplace to stop the draft? Sealing the Fireplace Vents. I lose a lot of heat the way it is set now Flue is set to wide open. Allow it to dry. Finally, disconnect the old burner from the gas line and discard it. The balloon should be parallel to the opening so it fills the entire area. 5. Wipe away the excess and repeat with another brick. Solid, simple concrete. A simple gas fireplace insert can really stand out with the right frame. I'm bricking up an unused fireplace in a house about 30 years old. How open does the flue have to be open. Nail each board to the fireplace with a nail gun and 3-inch masonry nails. Terms and conditions This is a great way to soften the transition from the harsh black edges of an insert to the rest of your space. Cookies airtight) because, apparently, moisture in the flue will not be able to evaporate and will seep into the brickwork causing problems. Opening up a fireplace to the builder’s opening. Get the Gas, Electrical and Vent in Place First. Each chimney cowl fits in the chimney a little bit differently, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the gas line is properly attached to the gas burner. Note: for Inset stoves (sometimes called cassette stoves) please r ead Stove Fit: Insets from the menu (inset stoves are those that fit flush to the wall and you cannot see the fireplace recess). Her work has appeared in various online publications. Draft Decor products compliment each other and are versatile, too! Fireplace inserts are also outfitted with a flashing kit to give the wood stove a nice, finished look in the fireplace. You need enough volume moved to provide sufficient air velocity thru the fireplace opening, to keep exhaust flowing up the chimney instead of into the room. You can even use your gas to help the fire get started for a few minutes, then turn it off and let the wood burn on … This is an easy job completed in one afternoon. Press it down so the cement oozes out just a bit under the brick. Most often, a large tank is positioned outside the home and the gas piped to the fireplace. My question is how to block this up? Either vented or non vetoed gas longs. Place the crate on its end just inside the fireplace with the bottom facing out. Sealing off the fireplace It's worth noting that although the chimney stack was originally outside, there has subsequently been an extension built on the far side, so the stack is now internal for most of the way up until about 2/3rd of the way up the second storey.

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