Leafly has developed a cannabis visualization label called the Leafly Cannabis Guide. The platform uses laboratory research data, user reviews, and generative design to simplify the process of finding the right hemp variety.

Features hemp guide from Leafly

The chemical composition of hemp is presented in the form of a scheme, which includes circles and rhombs of various shapes and sizes. The circle indicates CBD, and the rhombus indicates THC, with the diameter or length of the figure reflecting the concentration of cannabinoids. Each color represents one of eight terpenes that interact with THC and CBD and affect the effect of smoking marijuana. As a result, the system generates different patterns for cannabis strains that allow you to visually evaluate the characteristics of the plant.

Based on user reviews, the guide compiles a list of effects in three categories:

  1. Feel;
  2. drug exposure;
  3. negative consequences.

As an example, we propose to consider the Gelato strain. Most people reported that this cannabis variety relaxes and gives euphoria (sensations), helps to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety (drug effects), and also causes dry mouth and dizziness (negative effects).

On the cannabis variety description page, you can find consumer reviews and write your own, find out information about similar strains, see photos of marijuana and a plant’s genetic map. Hemp guide is available in the mobile application and on the Leafly web portal.

Leafly System Simplicity and Functionality

Leafly director Tim Leslie spoke about the goals of the company’s project: “Hemp has a unique physiological effect on each of us. Therefore, we need a comprehensive, but intuitive way to describe the characteristics of the plant. Indica, sativa, and hybrid are the starting points for understanding cannabis, however, this form the categorization doesn’t reflect the full range of cannabis substances. The Leafly team of scientists and designers translated the chemical information into a visual language to help people find the right cannabis strain. ”

The Leafly Cannabis Hyde was developed in collaboration with laboratory staff who provided information on the content of substances in the plant. Leafly experts worked with laboratory assistants from the American companies Confidence Analytics, SC Labs, CannTest, chemistry, and others. Therefore, the authors of the project guarantee the accuracy of this information. Leafly Lead Researcher Nick Jikoms said his firm has managed to create the most understandable and effective way to study cannabis strain. In his opinion, the development will be appreciated by consumers, businesses, doctors, and scientists.

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