After the article that has met with considerable success on the best-used sports bikes for 2000 euros, here is a Special ranking of the 5 best used Naked within 4000 euros. More here In this price range, you start to find beautiful, current, and all in all affordable motorcycles. The choice, however, was not easy at all and I also had to exclude some bikes that surely many of you would have placed in the standings, but forgive me, I tried to be as varied as possible. You will notice that these are all extremely different, valid, and more or less medium displacement bikes, with different characteristics, both in terms of technical solutions, engines, and style.

  • 1 – Mv Agusta Brutale 750/910 (2001/2007)

La Brutale The first place deserves it with full marks. Designed by Massimo Tamburini, It has Italian charm, muscular lines, a lot of styles, and first-class equipment. Attention to every detail, the finishes are refined in detail, everything gives the idea of ​​a Special, the exhaust cut into a slice of salami, the headlight with the logo, the engine casing, the rear brake pump, the starter lever, the mirrors, levers on the handlebars. Taking home an MV at a modest price is not a trivial matter. This Naked in fact costs about 15,000 euros and is now on sale in a price range ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 euros. Born from a rib of the F4, it inherited the chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame with cast aluminum parts on which the aluminum single-sided swingarm works, and the engine, a 4 inline that in the 750 develops 127hp at 12.500g / Min, while the 910 reaches 136hp and 11.000giri (The second has the advantage of a more full-bodied and less empty delivery at the low end as well as being more recent). Unfortunately, the Cockpit, which has been transferred on an equal footing from the F4, is perhaps a bit disproportionate and suffers from barely sufficient readability, but its charm probably lies precisely in remembering the bike from which the Brutale derives.

The position on the saddle is really sporty, you are quite curled up with your legs and leaning forward with your torso. For both the 750 and the 910, the suspensions are equipped with a Marzocchi fork at the front with fully adjustable 50 mm stanchions and fully adjustable mono Sachs at the rear. The braking system is Nissin with six-piston calipers and two 320 mm discs at the front that guarantees excellent braking for both displacements. The tire sizes are 120/70 zr 17 at the front and 190/50 Zr17 at the rear-mounted on the characteristic star wheels also borrowed from the famous MV F4. This bike is a really nice take, the most valuable of the 5 proposals. The obvious defects of the MVs are the vibrations of the engine, particular care in maintenance, and poor coverage of official dealers in the area.

  • 2 – Aprilia Shiver 750 / SL 750 (2009-2011)

Another noteworthy item. In this price range, there is also the Aprilia Shiver, which in 2009 made its debut as a mid-engined Naked. It probably did not have the hoped-for success, not many were sold but the bike boasted some technical contents that were really not bad at the competitive price of about 9,000 euros when new.

The Shiver had the distinction of being the first Naked to mount the electronically controlled ” Ride By Wire ” throttle as standard, associated with a control unit equipped with three mappingsRain, for when grip is not optimal, touring for traveling looking for maximum driving comfort, and Sport when you want the engine more ready to push a little harder. Among the bikes that we have selected, the Shiver is the most technologically advanced and offers technical content on a par with today’s bike. It is powered by an excellent 750cc liquid-cooled 90-degree V-twin engine which delivers the power of95Hp at 9000rpm mounted on a composite lattice frame of aluminum tubes and platesThe swingarm is in double-sided aluminum with reinforcement truss with stiffness of reference for the category that has been particularly designed to withstand the asymmetrical stresses of the Sachs mono-shock, adjustable in precariousness and in the hydraulic return, positioned laterally to pass the exhausts that arrive behind undertail, making the rear part also the most beautiful part of the Shiver.

The forks are 43 mm with upside-down stems but unfortunately not adjustable (pity). The braking system, on the other hand, is not bad at all, embellished with standard aeronautical braided hoses and with two 320 mm Margherita discs bitten by Aprilia radial-mount calipers, behind a single 245 mm disc. You can also find the ABS version that adopts a Continental two-channel system that ensures maximum braking in all conditions. Tire sizes are 180/55 Zr17 at the rear and 120/70 Zr17 at the front. The riding position is comfortable, with the footpegs not too raised and the handlebars at the right angle, all making the Shiver aNaked not too extreme with which you can do a bit of everything. It is on the market roughly from 3000 to 4000 euros for the most recent versions with ABS

  • 3 – Ducati Monster 696 / 696+ (2008-2013)

The Ducati Monster is a timeless icon. After the success of the first version in the 90s (the one with the bow on the swingarm) and a slight restyling that took place around 2002 which involved some aesthetic details in addition to the frame and various improvements on electrical wiring and engine, Ducati after 15 years decided to a total renovation in 2008. The engine is the usual air-cooled 90-degree V- twin, but compared to the forerunners Entry Level versions, the displacement has grown to 696cc.

Aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, the tank remains as the only distinctive feature, with the usual ox hump pattern with the two large lateral flares, now however covered by two plastic half-shells that further facilitate any customization to which the monster is always been submitted by past buyers. The frame is a much shorter and completely revised chrome-moly trellis compared to previous models that join an aluminum seat post. The saddle is very low from the ground, 770mm, and offers even the lowest ones a good footing on the asphalt. the driving position is less curled up and more comfortable, but not touristic while remaining faithful to the concept of initial sportiness that the Monster series has always supported. The engine is thermally revised and improved, modernized by a sophisticated injection system that uses two Lambda probes. All with the aim of improving delivery and offering 80hp at 9,000 pm . Enough power to have fun and also finally to get out of any hindrance, especially for two. The clutch is APTC in an oil bath which considerably reduces the effort on the lever and is a slipper. The dry weight is only 161 kg which also makes the 696 extremely agile and fun. The suspension compartment is equipped with Showa 43 mm upside-down fork (not adjustable) and mono Sachs at the rear with adjustable preload and hydraulic rebound. The braking system is Brembo with two 320 mm discs at the front and 4-piston radial calipers and at the rear a 245 mm disc with two-piston caliper.

The Kockpit is digital and ready for the Ducati Data Analyzer, with on-board computer characteristics, it has many small lights and warnings including Overspeed signal and lap times, however, it is a bit small and difficult to read especially in bright light. The tire sizes are 160/60 zr 17 at the rear and 120/60 Zr17 at the front, unfortunately no longer easily available especially on the latest existing tire models (not all of them produce these measures anymore). The plus version, as the only difference, is equipped with a matching rear seat cover and a small finishing fairing, accessories, often bought over time even by owners of the normal 696, so don’t be fooled by that +. The Monster 696 is found relatively easily in a price range ranging from 3500 to 4000 euros.

  • 4 – Triumph Street triple 675 / 675R 2007/2011

This bike enters by right among the 5 best used Naked within 4000 euros. It has all the features that make it attractive to a varied audience. With clear aesthetic references reminiscent of the speed ​​triple (such as the large round headlights) it combines sportiness with the typical Triumph style. It is also a unique bike of its kind thanks to the 3-cylinder in-line engine that ensures low torque typical of twin-cylinder engines but also the extension of an in-line 4 making everyone agree. Thanks to a low weight of only 167 kg it is a very agile and fun bike in the curves. In short, a real Streetfighter.

The street triple 675 derives from the Supersport Daytona 675 from which it inherits the aluminum frame and swingarm, as well as the tank and the engine suitably reduced from 120hp to 107hp at 11,700rpm. Noteworthy is the well-kept mixed analog / digital Kockpit that changes only in the graphics.

 Compared to the Daytona, it loses the adjustable forks and radial calipers in favor of the floating 4-piston Nissin discs that work on 308 mm discs but which still ensure excellent braking. The R version is a bit more refined and cost 1000euro more, it differs from the standard because it regains the radial-mount calipers, forks (like the 41mm standard), and multi-adjustable mono (all Kayaba) as well as a more refined, two-tone saddle with visible stitching. The tire sizes are for both versions from 120/70 Zr17 at the front and 180/55 Zr17 at the rear. The driving position is quite comfortable with a ground clearance of 800mmand the footrests not too raised and set back. This Naked is in 4th place in this ranking but only because it is a particular Naked, you may like it or not because of its uniqueness and a particular style but it is certainly equipped with an excellent chassis and a beautiful engine, a bike that ensures great fun for those who drive it. It is located in a price range ranging from 3500 to 4000 euros. Clearly, in optimal conditions, it is better to choose the R.

  • 5 – Honda Cb600 f Hornet 600 (2007-2010)

The Honda Hornet has always been considered one of the first mid-displacement Streetfighters. The concept of a Naked with a high-performance engine can be said to have been born with her. In fact, it immediately met with considerable success also thanks to a low selling price. The first versions were not easy to drive and to tell the truth maybe even a little unpredictable … single beam steel frame, economic suspensions, distribution of the just adequate, in short, it was a bike built to limit costs, with a powerful engine and a chassis that was not exactly perfect.

It was in 2007, however, that it was considerably improved, what was perhaps the last Hornet to have had some success in sales was born as well as being perfect if not distorted in many respects while remaining accessible in price, in fact, it cost only about 7,500 euros. The line has been profoundly changed, the rear part lowered considerably and the exhaust (a distinctive feature of the Hornet) shortened and placed below, at the bottom. The most important work was done on the centralization of the masses thanks to new design systems, finally balancing the bike in the best possible way. The only thing that remains almost the same as the 2006 model is the 41 mm upside-down forks still not adjustable.but to which the springs have been improved. The mono-shock absorber instead is signed showa adjustable only in the precarious spring. The engine is now that of the CBR 600rr softened in delivery whose maximum power has been lowered to 102hp at 12,000 rpm. The frame (always single beam) is now in aluminum as well as the swingarm, always without progressive articulation, which however has also been lengthened to improve traction and driveability.

The wheels are both 17 “, with 120/70 tires at the front and  180/55  at the rear. The braking system consists of two 296 mm front discs with two-piston calipers and one  240 mm rear discs, machined by a single-piston caliper. On the second hand, it is better to find the version with ABS , sold as an option but extremely useful. The anti-lock braking system travels hand in hand with CBS integral braking , which also activates a third central front caliper piston (other than the standard one) when the rear brake pedal is operated. The position in the saddle is excellent and suitable for a 360° use of the bike thanks to a well-chosen triangulation of the saddle, handlebars and footrests. Even the passenger travels quite comfortable thanks to a comfortable saddle without too much difference in height equipped with a standard handle and relatively low footrests. The Hornet is an excellent buy for those who want a bike without too much effort, as reliable as only a Honda can be and suitable for almost any use with the only limit common to all the Naked which is the Aerodynamic protection. Of the 5 proposals it is the most comfortable together with the Shiver. It is between 3000 and 4000 euros.

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