On September 19, the first hemp cafe was opened in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. Visitors to the institution can smoke marijuana in a designated place. Article by https://jfrankhenderson.com/

Coffeeshop will not trade cannabis

One of the founders of the company, Amit Moreno, said that the cafe will not sell hemp. The coffee shop rents smoking accessories and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Within the walls of the institution, marijuana was allowed to smoke only to people registered in the program of access to medical cannabis.

In the future, the owners of the institution plan to open coffee shops in other cities and conduct educational activities on the medicinal properties of hemp. Moreno believes that society should change its attitude towards the plant since cannabinoids have therapeutic potential. The company works on a voluntary basis and therefore offers everyone to donate money for the development of the project. According to Amit, the opening of hemp cafes is an important step towards the legalization of cannabis.

Israeli hemp enterprises actively attract foreign capital

A symposium of investors in the Israeli cannabis industry was held in New York on September 12. The conference was attended by representatives of American venture and investment funds, as well as institutional investors. Employees of Israeli hemp companies talked about their projects, legislation and the risks associated with investing in the industry.

The symposium was organized by iCAN, which provides support for innovative hemp startups. Saul Kaye, iCAN Director, spoke about the objectives of the conference: “Israel seeks financing from the largest hemp enterprises and firms operating in the emerging markets of South America, Africa, and Asia. Famous Israeli technologies are gaining international recognition, so the American financial community should not be left out from progress. ”

Everyone must have access to medical cannabis.

ICAN is creating a global hemp ecosystem for every patient to benefit from cannabis products. The company compiles a list of promising enterprises from around the world and contributes to their development, creating alliances. ICAN services are used by 4,000 companies from 40 countries. Saul Kaye claims that Israel has a leading position in the field of medical hemp, as more research is being conducted in the country than in any other state. According to him, instead of legalizing the Israelis used the approach of “medicalization” of hemp.

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