what if klaus took the serum

He can go into full wolf form regardless. But they could always trap him, stop his heart and bury him, like Silas. Let’s just say it, people would be staying home to watch those new seasons in blissful solitude and there would be no Covid! No matter how strong he was he’s not been able to beat these spells from a powerful witch. Probably would be the same thing as Lucien or Marcel taking it. So you’re question basically is what would happen if an original hybrid took the serum and a normal original took the serum?which btw with klaus it would probably just make him completely invincible but at some point nature would find a way to kill him bc nothing can be truly immortal. best. Add 1/32 portion of each of the ingredients of the Ekaterina Branch. Both would be far more ruthless tho. hide. Although he helps them protect Hope from the Hollow, refuses to forgive Klaus for Davina's death and the two come to blows. Luther: Klaus: tua the umbrella academy the umbrella academy netflix tua netflix incorrect quotes tua incorrect quotes ua incorrect quotes klaus hargreeves tua klaus klaus luther hargreeves tua luther luther. 100% Upvoted. Would he have something like upgraded hybrid mood or he would be just "the Beast" without a hybrid mood after serum taken ? Marcel keeps Klaus captive for five years before banishing the Original siblings from the city. no comments yet. How would he have ripped through the Hollow if he couldn’t touch her at all? Klaus has never been able to break through a boundary spell or telekinesis which ended in a neck snap. With Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Will Sasso. probably win against the whole of marcels army and the the originals including mikeal with some difficulty, he would be able to do the same as klaus but it would be done in less than time than ellijah saying niklaus and with some modest effort, i hate mikeal with a passion but he op and no one can deny that, Both Klaus and Mikael would destroy Marcel's army. Press J to jump to the feed. Elijah, Klaus and Hayley might think Marcel is dead, what with Elijah having separated his heart from his body. Could it be treated like the cure? no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! So: Marcel,Lucien and Aurora are beast. Klaus: Sorry it took me so long to arrive to the alleyway. Sort by. I would prefer if Elijah had taken the serum, So he will be able to protect his family especially Klaus and Hope. Luther: Oh, is your car ok? I can think of many ways to write Inadu's demise. 2 days 23 hours left. i doubt they would even be upgradable, the serum is basically the immortality spell, and klaus and mikael are already immortals. Klaus' blood cannot cure a bite from Lucien, meaning he's not just a regular hybrid, he's something new. Lucien just grabbed his wrist and held him steady, as if beating his Original Hybrid strength was easy. I wonder if Klaus had taken it, would he have been able to defeat Inadu? 1 vote. report. When Smeerensburg's new postman, Jesper, befriends toymaker Klaus, their gifts melt an age-old feud and deliver a sleigh full of holiday traditions. Idk if they can extract the serum, maybe, or maybe it's just white oak, like the rest. I wouldn’t want them to because they were already powerful characters so to enhance that again would just be annoying and bad storytelling. Klaus couldn’t become a Doppelgänger unless he becomes truly immortal that nothing in nature can kill him. Klaus has never been able to break through a boundary spell or telekinesis which ended in a neck snap. If Klaus took the beast serum he would be the Upgraded Original Hybrid, @Voldymoldy The Hollow had a physical body at one point through the show. best. The gap between Inadu and The Originals was huge power wise, a lot more than the gap between the serum Original and the Original hybrid. I don't think it would have made any difference at all. share. With Lucien's serum, Marcel is more than a match for the Original hybrid. Is it possible for Klaus to drink the Serum? 515. For the serum to work, they'd need to die. I mean Marcel took it and he was fodder in front of Inadu. Mikael probably would have killed all his kids except for Freya but then she’d probably kill him but he’d probably be fine with it lol. Add 1/20 portion of each of the ingredients of the Madrigal Branch. Yes. Now this is question I want an answer to. Question . 27 minutes ago. My best guess is that before the transition, probably would work like the cure. What would happen if klaus bite and drank Marcellus dry? I did this same question once but here is the thing the serum probably won't work because I doubt it could bring someone back from ashes and even if it could the ancestors probably put some spell to make it so no original vampire could take it. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Klaus flipped Lucien off of the car and jumped him with the weapon. "Sadly," Lucien mused, "you don't have a choice." Posted by 3 days ago. Such convalescent serum is a form of immunotherapy. It would depend on if age affected enhansed originals. They just wanted to end Klaus and Elijah so they could move on to Legacies. And with mikael it would probably just give him the same effects that it would give to a normal vampire. Add 1/16 portion of each of the ingredients of the Janus Branch. Klaus is a 2019 English-language Spanish Christmas film written and directed by Sergio Pablos in his directorial debut, produced by his company Sergio Pablos Animation Studios and distributed by Netflix. Would be cool, but how do you figure? If Klaus took it, Klijah would be alive, Hope would have a loving family and would be a normal kid, legacies won’t be on tv and originals would have more seasons. share. More posts from the TheOriginals community. Hayley Atwell talks about the new Marvel animated series What If...? Drugmakers took the active ingredient in the medicine causing the growth, prostaglandin analog, and made a prescription-only serum specifically for eyelash growth, called Latisse. It would be like killing a human with vampire blood by ripping out their heart, it would just straight up kill them. If Klaus took it, he’d probably just go on being the same as he was before Marcel and Lucien upgraded. Klaus is a hybrid. Some time after that, Lucien's father was tormented by the Count, as he did not pay his debt in time, making Lucien harbor hateful feelings towards the Count, the nobles, and their life style. But I don't think it's the venom. But besides that it’s the same abilities, maybe they’re both a little stronger or faster because they’re older but they’re not like drastically older than Lucien. It’d be heaven on earth. Directed by Sergio Pablos, Carlos Martínez López. Serum differs from plasma, the liquid portion of normal unclotted blood containing the red and white cells and platelets. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries in development for CW. Vote. Serum: The clear liquid that can be separated from clotted blood. Das Klausentreiben war noch nicht organisiert, und wir Allgäuer Kinder waren schon sehr mutig beim Klausen trätzen und … He raised his other hand and pushed the weapon with all his force. Fight to incap To die, it needs to be white oak, which I guess can kill an upgraded original since it was used in the spell? 0 comments . I know, but that wasn’t what I was talking about. "All the risks Serum Institute India took with stockpiling the vaccine, have finally paid off," wrote Adar Poonwalla. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. It is the clot that makes the difference between serum and plasma. No. The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) on Sunday gave emergency-use approval to COVISHIELD, India’s home-grown coronavirus vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech, and the other by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. The two eventually set aside their differences to defeat the Hollow and the series concludes with Marcel and Rebekah leaving … Nov 15, 2020 . Klaus could do that without the serum if Marcel hadn't taken it, Probably would be the same thing as Lucien or Marcel taking it. Would he be stronger than Dahlia? Before Professor Klump took the serum that lead to Buddy love, he already showed some symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder. What if Klaus took the serum of the Beast . coming to Disney+. One of the serum's first volunteer subjects, the antidote changed Slade; after a brief moment of madness he gained incredible strength and instantaneous reflexes as a side effect. An experimental drug known as a ACTH deriviative, Deathstroke's serum was originally designed by the United States military to create super soldiers who possess a resistance to enemy truth serums. Post transition, probably wouldn't work. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. hide. Klaus Baumgart lernte 1980 Klaus Büchner, Sänger der Band Torfrock, kennen und gründete mit ihm das Duo Klaus & Klaus.Ihre erste Single war das 1983 erschienene Lied Da steht ein Pferd auf’m Flur (Neufassung des niederländischen Karnevalsschlagers Er staat een paard in de gang von André van Duin), mit welcher die beiden ersten Auftritte in verschiedenen Fernsehsendungen hatten. "I'm not going to let you hurt my brother," he informed Lucien. For Gideon Cahill's Serum: One portion = one ounce Start with one portion of water. Klausen & das Klausentreiben. Klaus ( ク ラ ウ ス , Kurausu) was an archdeacon and the personal assistant of the pope.Klaus took custody of the injured Northern Crown Katya waiting for the right time for her to met the pope Saga.One night Katya tried to enter in the private room of the pope after listening strange rumors and seeing some blood inside but was stopped by Klaus that barren her to enter. Only difference is Klaus would be able to go into full wolf form. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But Lucien isn't the only new creature the Mikaelsons have to worry about. I broke down on the way here. And how powerful would he be if he could take it? Not much is known about Lucien's childhood, but he once said that as children, he and the Count's youngest daughter, Aurora de Martel, were very close, and they would often play together. The serum of convalescent patients successfully recovering (or already recovered) from an infectious disease can be used as a biopharmaceutical in the treatment of other people with that disease, because the antibodies generated by the successful recovery are potent fighters of the pathogen. Imagine that Aurora take the beast serum and die like Marcel and Lucien. Wasn't that why nature created doppelgangers? View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the TheVampireDiaries community . report. 0 comments. Add 1/8 portion of each of the ingredients of the Lucian Branch. 100% Upvoted. You must be logged in to vote. save. A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place. Doppleganger? Fan Content . Sort by. Klaus is the only one whose blood heals venom, Hayley's doesn't, Tyler's didn't. Als Gassen-Kind (Alter zwischen 8 und 12 Jahren), als wir ständig draußen umanand g´hägelet sind, da war der Klausentag die Adrenalindröhnung schlechthin. Like the first person who responded to this post he would become a "Upgraded Original Hybrid" but that's a lot of power for one person to have I don't think "Nature" would stand for an imbalance of power like that besides Klaus is powerful enough as is.. Thats true Nature would not stand for an imbalance of power so Klaus would become the first doppleganger of his line. What would happen if Klaus took the serum or better yet Mikael. 8/26/2019. save. Inadu was bullshit, it angers me that they made her so randomly powerful when her power comes from a coven of witches in the first place. I know, but that wasn’t what I was talking about. What do you think what would happen if Klaus had taken the serum ? Be the first to share what you think! Klaus: Car? A family of power-hungry thousand year old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong. Add 1/24 portion of each of the ingredients of the Tomas Branch.

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