Employees at Columbia University conducted a study on the volume of consumption of medical hemp among women with different sexual orientations. Experts have found that lesbians and bisexual women smoke marijuana more often than heterosexuals.

10% of bisexual women use cannabis every day

Scientists analyzed data from opinion polls in which 126,463 people took part. The specialists managed to find out the following:

  1. medical hemp is used by 40% of bisexual women, 26% of lesbians and 10% of heterosexuals;
  2. 10% of bisexual women smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes every day, among lesbians this indicator is 6%, only 1.5% of heterosexuals are treated with hemp daily.

Why are women with gay sex more likely to use hemp?

The authors of the study believe that bisexuals and lesbians take cannabinoids to treat stress caused by the fact that they belong to sexual minorities. Morgan Filbin, an employee at Columbia University, said bisexual women are much more likely to abuse cannabis than heterosexual women. According to him, the size and frequency of smoking marijuana are influenced by the policy of discrimination against people with gay orientation.

A similar trend is observed among gays and bisexuals.

Specialists also studied the responses of male polls and came to the following conclusions:

  1. 33% of gays and bisexuals use medical cannabis, among heterosexuals this figure is 20%;
  2. 9% of bisexuals, 7% of gays and 4% of heterosexuals reported daily smoking marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

Sexual orientation affects human health

British scientists from the University of East Anglia argue that sexual orientation should be the “social determinant of human health.” Joanna Semlen explained the statement of experts: “We know that representatives of sexual minorities are much more likely to experience psychosocial stress, which affects their mental health and behavior. For example, they start smoking and drinking alcohol. Several factors cause stress: homophobia, heterosexism, negative experiences, resulting from interactions with heterosexual people. ”

According to Semen, health organizations should take into account the sexual orientation of people when developing educational or treatment programs, and the government is obliged to take this factor into account when considering bills that regulate cannabis circulation. She noted that the item on sexual orientation appeared in opinion polls only in 2008, so scientists before could not determine how belonging to minorities affects health.

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