The first hemp cafe opened in Israel

On September 19, the first hemp cafe was opened in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. Visitors to the institution can smoke marijuana in a designated place. Coffeeshop will not trade cannabis One of the founders of the company, Amit Moreno, said that the cafe will not sell hemp. The coffee shop rents smoking accessories

British experts offer to issue medical hemp for free

A group of British experts, consisting of several hundred professors, doctors, and politicians, suggested that the government begin to issue medical hemp for free. The current cannabis distribution system is ineffective On November 1, the British authorities legalized medical hemp, however, experts believe that the time has come to amend the law. The current cannabinoid

US banks allowed to provide cannabis industry services

On September 25, the US House of Representatives passed the Safe and Fair Banking Regulation Act. The regulation provides legal protection to financial institutions that collaborate with the cannabis industry. The law aims to increase public safety 321 members of the House voted for the initiative, 103 parliamentarians opposed it. The representative of the Republican

Hydrocyanic acid found in hemp vape cartridges

Journalists of the NBC News publication conducted their own investigation to establish the probable cause of the viper disease, which, according to the American CDC, claimed the lives of 13 people, more than 800 US residents were hospitalized. Hazardous impurities found only in samples of counterfeit products NBC News correspondents bought 18 cartridges with THC

Leafly has developed a visual hemp labeling system

Leafly has developed a cannabis visualization label called the Leafly Cannabis Guide. The platform uses laboratory research data, user reviews, and generative design to simplify the process of finding the right hemp variety. Features hemp guide from Leafly The chemical composition of hemp is presented in the form of a scheme, which includes circles and

In Solnechnogorsk will begin to grow and process hemp

The administration of the city of Solnechnogorsk near Moscow approved a project for the cultivation and processing of technical hemp, developed by Mordovian Penkozavod LLC. According to experts, the Solnechnogorsk complex will become one of the largest in Russia. Cannabis is sown by 2021 The project was called “Revival of technical hemp breeding.” Now officials,

Malta exports 1 billion euro medical hemp

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, said during a visit to the United States that Maltese companies plan to produce and export hemp medical products worth € 1 billion over the next three years. Malta Cannabis Industry Development In an interview with TVM, Muscat said: “Malta will begin exporting medical hemp in the first

CannaVcell begins producing cannabinoids in a bioreactor

On September 26, Canadian hemp company CannaVcell announced the successful completion of a cannabinoid experiment in a bioreactor. The company used proprietary technology developed by BioHarvest. Cannabinoids synthesize cannabis cells CannaVcell employees grew hemp cells and trichomes in a small bioreactor, which produced five substances: cannabidiol acid (CBDC); tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA); cannabidiol (CBD); cannabinol (CBN);

US hemp sowing area exceeds 206,000 hectares

Hemp Gazette has published a report on American hemp breeding. According to journalists, the acreage of technical cannabis varieties in 2019 reached 206,390 hectares, which is 455% more than last year. Hemp industry shows fast growth In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed in the United States, lifting the ban on the cultivation of industrial