The administration of the city of Solnechnogorsk near Moscow approved a project for the cultivation and processing of technical hemp, developed by Mordovian Penkozavod LLC. According to experts, the Solnechnogorsk complex will become one of the largest in Russia.

Cannabis is sown by 2021

The project was called “Revival of technical hemp breeding.” Now officials, together with the Association of Russian Hemp Producers and Mordovian Hemp Plant LLC, are looking for land to grow hemp. Specialists examine municipal and private territories. The project will be implemented in three stages:

  1. cultivation of a plant for seed and hemp straw;
  2. primary processing of cannabis for the production of bonfires and fibers;
  3. advanced processing of hemp for the production of raw materials used in the production of industrial goods (biodegradable utensils, biocomposites, cotton wool, cellulose, threads), cosmetics and food products (oil, flour, nutritious bars, protein).

The total investment will amount to 8.6 billion rubles, 600 jobs will be created. Hemp is planned to be sown on an area of ​​5,000 hectares by 2021. In the second stage, a cannabis processing plant will be built. Finished products will be delivered to retail stores, and fiber – to textile enterprises located in China, Ivanovo, Vologda, and Kostroma regions.

Hemp sown area will double by 2025

In September, the Ministry of Agriculture published a report “On the prospects for the development of hemp breeding in the Russian Federation.” The document states that in 2019 cannabis was sown on an area of ​​10,200 hectares. The agency predicts that this figure will increase to 20,000 hectares by 2025. It is worth noting that in 2010 hemp was grown on 870 hectares, so the volume of cultivation of the plant will grow 23 times in 15 years.

This year, hemp was not cultivated in the Moscow Region, so the Mordovian hemp plant will be the first company to start planting in the region. The presentation of the Ministry of Agriculture lists three hemp processing plants that will be put into operation by 2022 (in the Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and Penza regions). The capacity of enterprises will reach 9,000 tons per year.

Russia lags far behind the US in the cannabis industry

This year, American farmers received a license to cultivate technical hemp on an area of ​​206,390 hectares. The actual planted area was 93,000 hectares (almost nine times more than in Russia). A permit for the processing of cannabis was issued to 2,880 enterprises. In the United States, hemp cultivation volumes increased by 455% over the year, in addition, if all registered farmland planted cannabis, the sown area will increase 2.2 times compared to the current rate.

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