Hemp Gazette has published a report on American hemp breeding. According to journalists, the acreage of technical cannabis varieties in 2019 reached 206,390 hectares, which is 455% more than last year.

Hemp industry shows fast growth

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed in the United States, lifting the ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp varieties. That is why in the country there is a rapid development of hemp breeding. However, the figures in the Hemp Gazette report reflect only officially registered farmland given for the cultivation of cannabis. In practice, the plant was planted on an area of ​​93,000 hectares, moreover, according to experts from VoteHemp, only 50,000 hectares will be harvested.

Vote Hemp President Eric Steenstra said: “In the United States, hemp sown areas increased significantly in 2019. An additional 13 states joined the hemp breeding program, so the land area has almost quadrupled.”

Four states remain overboard hemp market

This year, US authorities issued a license for the cultivation of cannabis to 16,877 farmers and researchers (476% more than in 2018). 2,880 enterprises received permission to process cannabis, which is 483% more than last year. Hemp breeding laws have not yet entered into force in the states of Idaho, South Dakota, Mississippi, and New Hampshire, so growing plants are illegal in these regions. In 46 states, cannabis technical strains are legalized.

South Dakota Governor Christy Noem is doing everything he can to stop attempts to legalize industrial cannabis. She stated that the ban would not be lifted until she heads the region. Given that Noem took over as governor at the end of 2018, South Dakota will be the last state to establish a regulated market for technical hemp.

By the start of the 2020 season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to publish new regulations governing cannabis cultivation at the federal level. According to experts, the document will have a positive impact on hemp breeding, as this area of ​​agriculture is innovative. Farmers have not yet received the necessary experience to optimize the process of growing, harvesting and storing seeds, so state standards will help improve the technology.

Technical hemp in Russia

In May 2019, the Association of Cannabis growers predicted an increase in the area of ​​hemp crops in Russia to 15,000 hectares (in 2018, this figure was 7,900 hectares). However, according to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, hemp was sown on an area of ​​10,200 hectares. The culture is cultivated in 17 regions and processed in six subjects: Mordovia, Adygea, Oryol, Penza, Novosibirsk and Kursk regions.

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